IglooMag review of “Communique”



Since the release of Communique back in April , it’s had a lot of very favourable comments and recommendations , and , thanks to its release on Section27 records , was able to get to places I wouldn’t normally go , or even think of going. Some of the comments were amusing , some strange , simply because by the time I’ve put an album out , it’s already months old , and I’m so used to the tracks , and I’m concentrating on other , newer material. Amongst others , I’ve had a few people telling me they cried ( apparently in a good way ) , and one particular woman having what she described as ” a sober DMT trip ” as she listened to “walking in my shoes” whilst doing yoga.

Today , I was privileged to find there was a mini-review of the album on IglooMag , a blog I’ve come to regard as a quality source of good music , even before seeing the review , so I thought i’d put it here for the simple reason that sites , pages , links , disappear over the course of time , and i’d like to keep a record of it here.

The best parts of the review for me , were being likened to Brothomstates , and being called a “talented musician” , because it just feels kinda strange hearing someone else say that , and is especially meaningful to me because they review a veritable ton of music week after week. Definitely a very nice , and unexpected surprise !!


IglooMag review of communiqueYou can find the review here : IglooMag Review

Communique is still free to download , from HERE

Still working on the next album ” Acquiesce “. No release date as yet. Its dependent on a release vehicle , so even though its largely finished ( 70% maybe ) , it may take time to another good label to release on. More on that as it happens………




New Album “Acquiesce”


It might not seem that long ago since I released the last album “Communique” on Section27 Records , but as Section27s’ release schedule is so long , there was a 2 month wait , and Communique was more or less wrapped up about a month prior to that , so during those 3 months , I’ve been working hard on new material.

I could drop “Acquiesce” in the next week , and it would sink like a stone because wherever I put it , I still have the task of telling people its there , which isn’t my strong suit.  I love making the music……..to the extent where I forget about food , drink , sleep , and I can’t stop myself from making it , but I don’t enjoy promoting it , purely because the scene is so oversaturated that even if , I had the best tune in the world , it’s just so difficult to get peoples’ attention now. There’s just so much music out there.

So……..I’m not 100% sure how to proceed.

There is something happening in the background that I can’t talk about yet. It has the “potential” to do good things in a promotional sense , but the parameters of that are completely out of my hands , and its now a snowball rolling down a hill , which could gather more snow and some proper momentum , or , come to a standstill.  It may amount to something big , or , as is so often the case in this industry , may amount to nothing…….but , ya gotta at least try.

Anyway…..This is what I have so far for Acquiesce , in no particular order…

1.   Wrecking Ball

2.   Trilobyte

3.   The Logic Hammer

4.   Sophistikat

5.   Soft Target

6.   Seraphim ( new mix )

7.   Sequoia

8.   Morgana ( Carbinax Mix )

9.   Fissure

10. Chroma

11. Aqualung Fury

12. Ampt

13. Always

There are a few more tracks that i’m putting the finishing touches to , and making a few pre-release promo videos for , but so far its looking like this will be as big a release as “Expert Tiger , Mediocre Troll” which had 18 tracks

The first “reveal” was Fissure , which isn’t the best track on the album by any means , but I released it just to give people an idea of what would be on the new album. If you haven’t yet heard it , you can do so here…..

PLAY Dat “Fissure”

Regarding “Acquiesce” , as soon as I know more , I’ll let you know , but , knowing me , I’ll finish it and start working on the next album , cos it never truly stops.

The cover may well change , so this is just a kinda placeholder for now.

Incidentally , If you haven’t yet grabbed a copy of the last album “Communique” ( which is free I might add ) , you can listen to it in its entirety , and download it here if you so wish…

Gimmee Dat “Communique” Fing

That’s all for now.


Bandcamp Updates




Been busy uploading a lot of new material to my Bandcamp page HERE.

Well , I say new , but its actually a lot of older tracks , that were all over the place , so I just wanted to consolidate everything so it was easier for others ( and myself ) to find , and Bandcamps SEO optimization is probably better than the sites that were hosting these tracks until now. , so it made sense to migrate everything

The first thing I wanted to do was have all the unreleased tracks , and what I still like to call , the “B-sides” , loose ends , stragglers etc…and turn them all into archives , and sell them for a pittance. I’ve wanted to do this for a while , and did have a system up and running with Box.com , but it was nowhere near as user-friendly .

My good friend Dave suggested moving everything to Bandcamp , which I thought was a great idea. The only problem was that a lot of the really old material was in mp3 format only. Long story , but basically , a hard drive failure years ago took a lot of old track data files with it , so re-rendering them wasn’t an option. I didn’t think it was possible to up-convert from mp3 to the Bandcamp proprietary standards of wav and FLAC ( lossy to lossless ), but , to my surprize , I found a way.

So in the past week , I’ve uploaded these to Bandcamp


2ndMOUSE Archive Volume 1 ( 55 tracks ) —- FREE download


2ndMOUSE Archive Volume 2 ( 44 tracks ) —- £2 Only


2ndMOUSE Archive Volume 3 ( 46 tracks ) —- £2 Only



As well as these archives which span from 2002 to 2014 , I’ve also uploaded a few older albums from 2009 that have had about 4000 downloads between them , and they still sound fairly decent , given that they’re almost 6 years old at the time of writing.

They are here :

Full Of Earth And Stars





so , be my guest , fill your boots. By the time you’ve finished with this little lot , I’ll have another album ready.

Thanks for reading =)



New Album — Communique


Its been out for a week now , so i’m a bit late coming to my own party to do this writeup.

It originally started out as a 4 track EP. That was the intention anyway , but , as is often the case with me , I just kept adding and adding to it. It quickly turned into a mini-album , and then a fully fledged album. I’m pleased to say its one of my best releases to date , and is full of all manner of my usual jiggerypokery and just experimenting with things , pressing buttons to see what happens , and committing the results to tape ( or in this case , mp3 )

The album is dedicated to the memory of a family friend called Harry McVeigh , who I had a lot of respect for. Before I started making music , I drew pencil portraits and sold them. Harry gave me my first artistic break , and commissioned me to draw 6 portraits of snooker players to hang in His snooker club. The snooker club is no more , but I believe the portraits are still doing the rounds somewhere , but Harry was the first person to have any real faith in my abilities , so when I heard He had passed away , I thought it would be a fitting gesture to dedicate the album to Him , especially as , in some weird kind of synchronicity , there was already a track on the album called “laid to rest” , before I’d heard of His passing.

In any event , I realised I didn’t have what it took to be a real artist. I could draw a perfect portrait , but to me , it wasn’t engaging the imagination enough. It was just copying , so music gave me that opportunity to create something that hadn’t existed before.

A little about the tracks…..

1. Arc Reactor ( Its not often I make a solid 4/4 track , but this was just me seeing if I could make a track that was actually danceable)

2. Break of Dawn ( It starts off slow , poignant , introspective , but as the track progresses it opens up and becomes much brighter. I had in my mind , the phrase ” the night is always darkest just before the dawn ” , so the first half is the darkness , and the 2nd half is the sunrise , or , if you know my beliefs , the SONrise )

3. Cloud City ( experiments in distortion / saturation. This track very nearly didn’t make it to the album , and its probably my least favourite if i’m honest , but , as someone has already kindly put it on youtube , it seems others like it so thats ok )

4. Inner Afro ( Inspired by the kind of music you would have heard in the 70s , like Shaft , Starsky and Hutch etc….and I wanted to make something gritty and dirty , with an obese Moog-style bassline , with a loose and lazy feel to it. I just thought of Huggy Bear truckin’ around with that ghetto blaster on his shoulder. I also had in mind a track by flux pavilion called “superbad” , which gave me the initial inspiration and impetus. )

5. Laid to Rest ( This one is obvious

6. Omega ( My favourite. It was just ok until I added that bassline which just took it somewhere else entirely. I love the interaction between the bassline , the forward motion of the hi-hats and percussion , and the strong direct melody )

7. Ptuh ( 2ndMOUSE theme ) ( This one has been going for a few years. It wasn’t until I put the 2nd mouse soundbites into it that it became the 2ndMOUSE theme , and then it took on a minor anthemic quality when the 5ths melody pounced on my subconscious mind , and became sorta similar , in essence , to “chime” by orbital )

8. remote view ( This started with the desire to make something a bit like daft punks ” da funk ” , with that strong 4/4 backbeat , but once i put that sample in ” I began to float , up and away from my body ” , it took on a life of its own. Im particularly pleased with how the beats turned out )

9. The path of most resistance ( I find that most people choose the path of least resistance , but those people won’t grow. I’ve chosen the path of most resistance , through my beliefs , and expect persecution for what I believe )

10. Walking in my Shoes ( this is the track most have connected with , and its already been played twice on radio. Not quite sure why this one. Thats always the surprising thing about releasing albums. The track people like is never the one you expected. This was originally called “put yourself in your shoes” , because a lot of people don’t take responsibility for their actions , and blame others instead of being honest with themselves. I liked the idea but the title was wrong , and I started thinking about taking responsibility myself , and was gonna call it ” put myself in my shoes” but that didnt sound right either , so , I just changed it to “walking in my shoes”. Its a challenge to myself.

Click here to hear Walking in my shoes

At the time of writing , Communique has been downloaded over 1000 times in just one week. This is all thanks to the canny promotional prowess of Tam Ferrans ( Head Honcho at Section 27 Records ) , and Barry Forbes ( Top Dog at Up Digital ). Without these guys , it would’ve fallen over like that proverbial tree in the forest that made no sound cos there was no-one there to hear it

To download the album , free , click here to download from Section 27

or here , to download it from my bandcamp , where my other albums are also hosted

Thanks for reading


2ndMOUSE — “Communique”

ImageIts been a while since I released a collection of note , as I’ve been concentrating releasing single tracks , and being involved in firstly , the “Touched” album , which was a project I highly believed in , for macmillan cancer relief , and lately , the Sectioned v4.0 compilation on Section 27 Records , and its been a great process , most notably for the networking opportunities and the new contacts I’ve made throughout………many thanks to Martin Boulton , Roel Funcken , Tom Roberts and Tam Ferrans in particular.

Now , however , is the time to release something new , called “communique”

You may or may not know that my studio is called “Transmission Studio” , and communique follows along that same theme of communication , and as music probably pre-dates written or spoken language , is more direct , to the point where a chinese person could understand a piece of music composed by a Bolivian , despite the lack of words or language.

I just have a few loose ends to tie up , but “Communique” will be released within weeks , via Section 27 records.


Thanks , as always , to Teo for the stunning cover artwork He has Imagineered.

Sectioned v4.0


I’m lucky enough to have been included on the new compilation from Section 27 Records 

This marks their 5th anniversary , and their 127th release , and was released quite aptly , on the 27th of February with a staggering 101 tracks in a download spanning 1.2GB  , and has some of the finest electronic music you’re likely to hear online. A lot of people say this in press releases to disguise something that has a lot of bland unimaginative material , that is , at best , mediocre , but this album truly is a rare gem.

Its said that IDM stands for Intelligent Dance Music , and although I’ve been making IDM long before it was tagged with that name , the term , in my opinion has come to denote either music that is so “intelligent” that its unrecognizable as music , and more akin to a science experiment , OR , its just plain dull , and was maybe good for someones own “personal therapy” , or sleep inducement , and has little or no imagination.. To call it IDM , is like calling a Pied Wagtail a Grizzly bear.

THAT , is where Sectioned v4.0 differs from the majority of stuff you’ll find online that calls itself IDM.

It IS intelligent , but not inpenetrable

It IS danceable , but you can leave your glow-sticks to one side

It IS music , and you’ll find some works of the most awesome complexity , with highly dextrous gymnastic use of samples , all put together with an obvious amount of love and passion.

Sectioned v4.0 really is an album you don’t want to miss

For even further incentive , my own track ” Give My Regards To S.P.E.C.T.R.E.” is on there too ( Track 2 )



With a 101 track album of such high quality , you’d expect it to cost maybe at least the same as a Ministry of Sound Album , but astonishingly , Sectioned v4.0 will set you back a paltry £3

T  H  R  E  E       P  O  U  N  D  S

Visit this link where you can not only download the entire album , but you can listen to FULL previews of every track on this mighty gut-busting album.


Go Here —–>  http://section27.bandcamp.com/

Ballad For Robots ( Tin Man Mix )

2ndmouse+balladforrobots cover

I released Ballad For Robots a few years back , and its been one of my personal favourites , as it typifies and encapsulates the sound I always wanted to achieve , and was my “goal” sound. In saying that , it was never quite on target , and I always knew more could be done with it , in terms of drawing the melody out more , so its been something of an “itch” that I needed to scratch.

It was inspired by the video that accompanied “All is full of love” by Bjork , who I regard as an incredibly unique and inimitable talent. The idea behind it was one of how our attitudes to robots will change as they become more and more advanced. Today they may be little more than dustbins on wheels , but what of the future ? At the rate that technology is currently progressing , the question of A.I. will undoubtedly arise. How will we define it ? As mankind strives to make automaton in his image , how will society adapt to it ?………apprehension……fear……? And will there ever come a point where these automatons  become self-aware , or even be afforded rights ? If they are programmed with human characteristics and capabilities , will they become autonomous , and have needs such as we do ?

I know it all sounds nerdy , but these questions will undoubtedly arise , and at the current rate of change , possibly in our lifetimes. That said , I’m still patiently waiting for my own personal jetpack that Tomorrows world promised me I would be scuttling around on in the year 2000.

I’ve always had a desire to fuse deep emotive music with unique electronic sounds and I’ve had an innate kinda magnetic gravitation to these contrasts since hearing “The Model” by Kraftwerk  many years ago , followed by the industrialism of Depeche Mode using hammers on anvils as snares , and finally the Hi Tech Soul of Detroit Techno artists such as Juan Atkins , Derrick May , Blake Baxter , and Carl Craig which was the ultimate marriage of soul and machine , making new permutations and juxtapositions possible.

This new mix sees a lot of new revisions , and represents a more complete model of what I originally tried to convey the first time around , but was restrained from due to my lack of technical experience in some areas. I thought the track was too good to go to waste , so I’ve chipped away at it and mined it for gold. I’ll fully release it at some point after I add a few more bells and whistles and get the mix just right , but its almost there as it stands.

Listen to Ballad For Robots ( Tin Man Mix )